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Highlights of Current Projects

Materials Engineering

Our material engineering specialises in plastic, metals and ceramic and discovers a new application for their electrical, mechanical, or chemical properties.

Alternative Energy & Power

Updated information and use of alternative energy source to reduce and control the pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels.

Pharmaceutical Research

Stable and Reliable turnkey solutions for your drug development project. We offer innovative methods for a shift in the approach of the pharmaceutical industry.

Waste Management and Resource Recovery

Solid waste treatment, Transportation, Reuse, Storage and Disposal Recycling, and Resource Recovery. We use our experience to maximise Waste Management.


Our Construction projects maintain the right balance between minimising impact and maximising value, particularly concerning the environment and sustainability.

Environmental Management

We deliver purposeful solutions using strategy through implementation for the environments, water, urban planning and infrastructure. We combine multidisciplinary perspectives and strategic thinking for sustainable results.

Why Choose Us

One of the Best Company of Melbourne

  • Blue Green Engineering Melbourne provides energy services in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Our focus is on sustainable and low energy designs and implementation for residences, organisations and commercial spaces. We provide our services with an aim to offer holistic energy solutions through renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Our sustainable design projects support improving sustainability features for new constructions. Also, we take much pride in our renewable energy projects that design the high-quality solar systems.

  • Our energy efficiency projects are designed to bring out the reduced energy consumption from light products, air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems.

  • We believe in offering an excellent customer service experience to all our clients as we fulfil all their needs and requirements by providing eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

  • We respect our customers and clients and believe in the possibilities of the renewable and realistic practice involved in all of our work, by involving innovation and improvisation wherever possible.

  • To provide tailored and client-focused energy solutions, we aim at enhancing the performance of power distribution systems via constant commissioning using our auditing, monitoring and site rectifications techniques. We strive together to encourage the rational use of energy via energy and power quality systems. Our dedicated approach enables us to provide clarity in both asset integrity and energy efficiency to meet the needs of our trusted client base across Melbourne, Victoria.

Our Team

David Brian

CEO & Managing Director

David has many years of experience in Australian and overseas sustainability field. He has been involved in numerous small and large green projects.

Matt Salvatore

Head of Operations

Matt is the Head of Operations of our company Blue Green Engineering Melbourne. He is a professional Mechanical Engineer and has extensive experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Cynthia Parker

Chief Architect

Cynthia is passionate about sustainability and strives to assist our customers to improve sustainability features and reduce the running costs of buildings. She is very good at listening and catering to the client’s needs.

Paul Smith

Co-Generation Specialist

Paul has over 20 years of experience in various Engineering disciplines including Blue Green Engineering, has brilliant knowledge of technical and commercial aspects of HVAC, cogeneration and energy efficiency projects.

Jake Starts

Chief Interior Designer

Jake works as a link between company’s engineers and clients. He works intelligently and focuses more on the implementation of sustainability initiatives in buildings with lower costs.

Marc Hanson

Sustainability Engineer

Hanson has a passion for services design and energy efficient building. Hanson believes that sustainable design should be part of the most of the projects.

We Believe In Saving The Resources & A More Sustainable World!

Why Clients Love us

Our Strengths


We are committed to delivering specialised services, intelligent and logical approaches to save the energy resources and control the ration use of energy across Melbourne. We assist our clients with the same dedication and integrity.

Constancy and High Quality

Our entire team focus on leveraging the finest techniques for delivering the best solutions to our prestigious clients.


Our management team is unbiased, flexible and always ready to assist you!

Our Projects

Our projects are running successfully in the stunning suburbs of Melbourne.

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