A Complete Guide on Solar Panel Cleaning: Why, When and Best Methods

According to the 2023 statistics, more than 3.4 million solar power systems have been installed on homes and commercial spaces in Australia. Around 31 per cent of Aussie households have solar panels, which is a great way to save energy and electricity bills. It is a revolutionary change that will preserve fossil fuels for the future generations.

Since solar panel systems are installed on the rooftop, it becomes quite difficult to keep a regular check on them. If you want to ensure that they work super-efficient and save energy to the highest level, pay attention to the maintenance and cleanliness efficiency.

According to the Clean Energy Regulator of Australian Government, regular maintenance is crucial for the smooth functioning of your solar panel systems. Hiring a professional company will ensure that your solar panels are cleaned regularly without causing any problem.

Here is a complete guide on cleaning solar panel systems:

Why Do Solar Panel Systems Require Cleaning?

Solar panels installed on the rooftop takes a lot in terms of dust, debris, bird droppings, etc. It may affect the functioning of your system. Plus, moisture, bugs, wind, vermin and even sunlight can cause deterioration over the time. The accumulated dust and grime can hinder the efficiency of your solar system and won’t generate enough energy.

When cleaning your solar system panel, keep the safety precautions in mind and follow the right methods. Sometimes,, it can be dangerous to clean it without expert guidance. So, it is good to search for a cleaning company in Australia that specialises in regular maintenance, cleaning and repairing of solar panel systems.

When is the Right Time to Clean Solar Panel?

When you install a solar panel system in Australia, your provider will give you a comprehensive maintenance schedule along with do’s and don’ts instructions. It is good to follow the guide and secure all the warranty papers to recover faults during the cleaning process.

Though there is no strict rule on when to clean the solar panels as it completely depends on the location and the level of pollution. According to experts, you should check and clean your solar panels twice a year.

It is good to regularly check for debris, damage and dirt so that it can operate more efficiently and save energy in your home throughout the year.

How to Clean Your Solar Panel System?

Here is a complete guide on cleaning a dirt-laden solar panel with utmost safety.

1. Pay Attention to the Safety Measures

Before getting into the cleaning process, make sure you consider the safety first to safely access the rooftop and clean the solar panel system. All you need to do:

  • Switch off the inverter of your solar panel to prevent electrical hazard
  • Avoid walking directly on your panels as they can be slippery
  • Hire professionals if your roof is inaccessible or steep.

2. Let the Panels Cool Down Completely

Do not clean during the hottest time of the day, such as in the afternoon. Instead, clean either in the early morning or evening when the panels are cooler.

3. Carefully Rinse the Panels

Remove loose debris and dirt from the surface using the hose. It is always good to start from the top.

4. Remove Stubborn Stains

Dip your sponge or brush in the eco-friendly cleaning solution and gently clean your panels. Do not scrub abrasively as it can leave scratches behind.

Also avoid using harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, bleach, etc.

5. Rinse Properly

Make sure there are no signs of soap residue behind. So, gently rinse the panels and wipe down with a damp cloth.

6. Dry the Panels

You can use a rubber squeegee to dry the panels or let them air dry completely before turning on the inverter.

If you want to save energy and fossil fuels, consider the following things before installing a solar panel and keep them clean and well-maintained.

Wrapping up

These are some pro tips and tricks to help you know the right methods to clean dirt-laden solar panel systems without taking any potential risk.

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